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In the Summer of 2015 Nina Pop Records and conceptual mad-man bad-boy DJ George Costanza teamed up for "Cringeworthy", a DJ mix beloved by both fans and critics. Impose Magazine said this was a mix that "might not be the mix we thought we wanted but is definitely the mix we deserve". said "Hoobastank never sounded so good thanks to DJ George Costanza." Reddit user "raddit-bot" said "worth it just for the trap remix of "Drops Of Jupiter."

Then something terrible happened.

On July 30th, 2015 Nina Pop Records received an email from Soundcloud that informed us that they had "received a report that your track "DJ George Costanza - Cringeworthy (Nina Mix 002)" contains copyrighted content. As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being." The origins and content of the report delivered to Soundlcoud remain a mystery to this day, but fans were furious at the take down. A Facebook user expressed sympathy saying "yes very sad face". Soundcloud user Kori Kori sent the Nina Pop Soundcloud page a direct message saying ""What happened to the DJ George Costanza Cringeworthy Mix? It was so bad and so good and now I see it's not able to be played or downloaded for some reason. :["". Other fans sent emails. All around, it seemed like a real loss for quite a few people.

Luckily we have not given up, and here in the year 2016, NIna Pop and DJ Geroge Costanza present once again, the infamous "Cringeworthy" mix, but they didn't just stop there. Also included are 3 "Un-Mixed" remixes from the original mix. These edits are sure to become staples of forward-thinking DJ sets everywhere.

This is Cringecore. No Apologies.

Below the original notes included with the first release of "Cringeworthy"...

Nina Pop proudly presents:


“the best soy latte that you’ve ever had and me”

DJ George Costanza has made mixes ranging from pop punk to country rap. For his mix for Nina Pop Records DJGC gives us 13 original club remixes of adult contemporary classics. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but you won’t be able to turn away from this beautiful train wreck. This is #Cringecore. “I somehow find. You and I. Collide.”

Track list:
Bad Day (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Here Without You (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Drops Of Jupiter (DJ George Costanza Remix)
You’re Beautiful (DJ George Costanza Remix)
The Reason (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Collide (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Barely Breathing (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Round Here (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (DJ George Costanza Remix)
She Will Be Loved (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Hey There Delilah (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Babylon (DJ George Costanza Remix)
Lips Of An Angel (DJ George Costanza Remix)


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released January 1, 2016



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